Carnivore Burger

(originally made 7/2012)

We eat burgers a lot in the summer, maybe once a week.   It's sometimes hard to find a balance between the same old thing and not springing anything too different on Tim, who is pretty much a bacon and cheese kind of guy.      I had some pulled pork in the freezer (pork roast cooked in the crock for 8 to 10 hrs with a bottle of our favorite bbq sauce), and bacon, so I thought this would make a nice hearty lunch for the holiday.

I used American cheese, crisped the bacon in the microwave and also heated up the pulled pork in there.   Burgers were done on the grill, with just a tiny bit of BBQ3000 seasoning on them.     This was another great meal that I could customize without too much work- Jake had his minus the pulled pork, mine was minus the cheese.   Neither guy likes the heat, so only mine got the jalapenos.   I served them on buttered and grilled rolls.

Filling, delicious and not very photogenic!  But we went off for an afternoon of blueberry picking, swimming and fireworks with full and happy bellies.     :)

I found this on either Foodgawker or Pinterest, from the blog    Her pictures are wonderful, go check them out, it's a low carb blog   :)

Carnivore Burger

About 1 lb ground beef
Leftover pulled pork
4  slices  bacon- microwaved until crispy
American cheese
Jarred jalapeno slices
Hearty burger buns- buttered and grilled

Made 4 patties of varying weights from 1lb ground beef.  I have a scale and a burger press.  

Grilled burgers, adding cheese at the end to melt.   Topped with crisped bacon, pulled pork and jalapenos.   Served on buns.



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