DIY Edible Arrangement

(made 6/2011)

Too hot to bake for Jake's last day of school treat and he's always wanted one of these arrangements.   I knew I could make it cheaper, plus could give him the chocolate covered fruit/treats that I knew would be nut safe.       :)

 DIY Edible Arrangement
small cabbage
Honeydew and cantelope
semisweet chocolate chips
Oreo and graham cracker crumbs
Sand pail

I started with a sand pail and dropped a small head of cabbage into the bottom.     I placed the skewers where I wanted them and then prepped the pineapple.   I tossed the cut up banana in with the pinapple chunks, the juice kept them from browning for quite a while.  I took advantage of the salad bar to get precut chunks of honeydew and cantelope.     I used a cookie cutter to make the watermelon star, but the rest I just chunked up.      I chocolate dipped strawberries and also marshmallows, which I rolled into oreo crumbs, graham cracker crumbs and sprinkles and let them set up in the freezer.       Slid everything onto the skewers and stored the bucket in the fridge until he got home   :)


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