Grilled Bacon Cheese Hot dogs

(originally made 8/2011)

I've found another addictive way to get recipes- friending bloggers on Facebook.   A while back, a post from BarbaraBakes caught my eye- Bacon Cheese dogs.   Hot dogs are a tough sell around here.    Jake likes them,  but doesn't love them, and Tim tolerates them.   But when the temps are soaring and I just want to get a quick lunch on the table, grilled hot dogs it is.  

I used Barbara's post as a guideline- I split the hot dogs 3/4 of the way through, and then stuffed them with thin strips of American Cheese.   I wrapped them with uncooked bacon, and secured it with toothpicks in several spots.    Don't overlap the bacon too much or it will take forever for it to cook through/brown.   If you don't overlap it enough, all the cheese oozes out  :)  

I cooked mine on foil to try and keep the flare ups from the bacon grease to a minimum, and I also toasted some lightly buttered New england style hot dog rolls.    I like mine with ketchup, mustard and celery salt, which I put in the bottom of the bun.   Less messy that way, but makes for a boring photo   :)

These were a huge hit, and they'll definitely be made again!

Be sure to go check out Barbara's blog-  so many wonderful recipes and she's such a sweet person.   This is my 2nd hit to come from her, and I look forward to many more!  


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