I may need a Twelve Step Program~~ Classic Waffles!

(originally made 1/2010)

Ok, the first step is admitting I have a problem.  Here goes.... I, Jolene Martinelli, am addicted to waffles.   After years of frozen Eggos, and disappointingly flat icky homemade ones, I have finally found a waffle maker that churns out restaurant style and quality waffles.   I love my new waffle iron.   First it was Gail Gand's yummy Chocolate Waffles...  Now it's the Classic Waffle recipe from the booklet that came with the iron.   I knew the problem was severe when I was paging through the booklet while still eating a waffle hot off the iron and already planning my next waffle attempt!!    Yep, I'm hooked.   LOL

Here's the recipe, simple as can be, and I had to take some liberties with it, I only had one egg and didn't realize it til I'd measured out all the dry ingredients.    I added a teaspoon of vanilla, and some orange or maple extract would be yummy too.    I went with a super simple topping, whipped cream and some blackberries that we picked in August and I frozen individually on a cookie sheet then moved to a ziptop bag.  

Not a great pic, the flash washed out the color of the waffle, but you get the idea!

Classic Waffles  (Presto Flipside Waffle Iron Booklet)

2c flour
1T sugar
1T baking powder
1t salt
1 3/4c milk
2 eggs (I only had one so used an extra teaspoon of veg oil)
2T vegetable oil

(1t vanilla extract- my addition)

Combine flour, sugar, baking powder and salt in a large bowl.   Whisk milk, eggs, oil in medium bowl.   Whisk milk mixture into dry ingredients just until dry ingredients are thoroughly moistened.   Preheat waffle maker.   Pour 1 cup batter onto center of the bottom grid.  Close top and flip waffle maker.   Bake until brown, 4 mins.

Makes 4.

**I've made these many times with many toppings  :)


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