New Potatoes in Garlic Lemon Butter~ super side dish!

(originally made 8/11/2008)
Due to really bad weather on our trip, a lot of my meals didn't happen as planned.   Our site flooded, we had no fire, etc.   But there were a few food related bright spots, and one was this recipe Rosie posted.     I prepped the garlic butter ahead, and mixed the sage right into it.   I formed it into a block and then froze it so I wouldn't have to deal with it at the campsite.    No new potatoes at the grocery when I shopped, so went with some thin skinned yukon golds in small dice.    I used a 13x9 disposable alum pan, covered with foil, over the campfire, and we had them with Brats in a Beer Hot Tub, which are in my favorites post if anyone is interested  :)   No pic, it was too wet and cold and too hard to juggle keeping the fire going and eating a hot meal with digging out the camera and taking pictures      :)     Thank you to Rosie for another winning recipe!


1/2  cup  butter,  softened
2  cloves  garlic,  minced
two  lemons  cut  in  quarters
24  new  potatoes,  about  3  lbs.
1  Tbs.  sage
salt  and  pepper

heavy-duty  aluminum  foil

Mash  garlic  into  softened  butter.    Arrange  half  of  the  potatoes  in  a  single  layer  on  two  layers  of  heavy-duty  foil.    Dot  potatoes  evenly  with  half  of  the  butter  mixture,  squeeze  juice  of  one  lemon  onto  potatoes  and  drop  lemon  quarters  into  mixture.    Sprinkle  with  1/2  Tbs.  sage,  salt  and  pepper.    Seal  package  securely  with  double  fold.    Repeat  with  remaining  potatoes  to  form  second  package.

Roast  directly  on  hot  coals  or  on  grill  at  High  setting  for  40-45  minutes  or  until  tender,  turning  packages  frequently.

Serves  8


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