Oven Dried Cherry Tomatoes

(originally made 8/2010)

Although my garden died an untimely death while we were on vacation, my sister's is still going strong.   Since she's in Colorado this week, my mom gave me a gallon size ziploc full when we stopped by.   I knew I'd never eat them all before they went bad, so I decided I wanted to try my hand at drying and then freezing them.     I cut them in half and laid them out on baking sheets covered with parchment and put them into a 170ยบ oven for about 7 hours.    Some people brush them with oil, some add herbs, but I went plain for my first attempt.

The result?  Jake calls them "tomato raisins" and tried to run off with the bag.   LOL

So if you are being overrun with tomatoes and don't want to make salsa or sauce, give this a try!  Really looking foward to opening that bag come January and getting that taste of summer  :)


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