Potato Pancakes

(originally made 11/2012)

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend.    Jake's back to school today and Tim's off helping a friend and I decided that I was going to treat myself to brunch and also clear out the last of the leftovers by making some potato pancakes. 

My potatoes are mashed with butter, sour cream and a splash of heavy cream.   Little bit of salt, fresh cracked black pepper and about a 1/2c of shredded cheddar cheese.   Sometimes bacon, but not this year.  

For the pancakes, I took about 2c of leftover mash, added 2 eggs, a little more pepper and 2 tablespoons of flour.     Stirred together and then heated some olive oil in the skillet.    I used a cookie scoop to get similar size cakes and flattened them with the back of a sprayed spatula.     About 3 to 5 mins per side, they are VERY delicate so you want to make sure they've got a good crust and you flip them gently.      Topped with a little more salt and some dried chives.   YUM!   :)     I'd say I got about 12-14 patties, will freeze the remainder on a cookie sheet and then pop them into a bag for quick reheating at a later time.


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