Savory Parmesan French Toast with Tomato Basil Topping

(originally made 9/2012)

Seems like we waited all summer for tomatoes and now that it's feeling like fall, the farms are overloaded with them.    The other day I got a quart of orange cherry tomatoes, and have mostly been snacking on them.   Since Tim had leftovers and I could eat whatever I wanted, I decided to give this french toast a go.    I'm not sure if I saw this on FB or Foodgawker, but it comes from the Pink Parsley blog.   

Since it was just me, I scaled the recipe back.   I used jarred garlic and dried basil.   In my rush to get pics and eat before it got cold, I left the balsamic sitting on the counter.     If you love it, add it.   My tomatoes were so good it didn't need it.  

I did have a little trouble with the cheese sticking to the skillet, so keep an eye out for that!   It probably would have been more attractive with red tomatoes instead of the orange, and a sprinkle of crispy bacon would totally have put it over the top!

Big thanks to Josie at Pink Parsley for this awesome recipe  :)


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