Caramel Apple Cheesecake

(Originally made 12/2002-- I used to do baking orders for extra money and this one was one of my best sellers.   I'm not sure of the source of the recipe, I believe that I combined two.   I baked them in disposable 9" very deep pans, which made for awful pictures, but they transported great. )

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                         Caramel Apple cheesecake

  Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
--------  ------------  --------------------------------
     1/2       package  graham cracker
     1/3           cup  butter -- melted
  24            ounces  cream cheese -- softened
     3/4           cup  sugar
  4               eggs     
  1                cup  sour cream
  1           teaspoon  vanilla
  1                can  apple pie filling
  1                jar  caramel topping

Mix finely crushed cracker crumbs and butter in bowl.   Press into bottom and 2" up sides of a 9" springform pan.    Open pie filling, remove enough slices to garnish the top and set them aside.   Puree remaining filling in food processor, add 2 to 3T caramel topping.   

Beat cream cheese and sugar in a bowl on medium speed until creamy.   Blend in eggs, sour cream and vanilla.  Don't overbeat.  Spread mixture into crust.   Dollop in caramel apple filling, swirling with knife.

Bake at 350 for 55 to 60 mins or until set.  To prevent overbrowning, tent with foil during the last 15 to 20 mins of baking.     Cook on wire rack for at least 4 hours.

Arrange reserved apple slices on top of cheesecake.  Pour remaining caramel over the top and spread  evenly.


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