Crumb Coated Ranch Chicken

(originally made 2/2013)

I've let my pantry get out of control.  I've somehow managed to accumulate 4 bottles of ranch dressing, and two ended up open in the fridge.    I'd defrosted bone in chicken for dinner, and while hunting for something to make with it, I ran across this recipe of Candykisses that sounded wonderful.    She used boneless skinless, some Italian seasoning and garlic powder.   We've been heavy on the Italian food around here this week, so I pulled out Tim's favorite, Penzey's BBQ3000.    I added some to the cornflake crumbs and some to the buttermilk ranch dressing.      Because they were bone in and very large to boot, mine took about 55 mins to cook all the way through.    I wish I'd removed the skin because everything came sliding off when we cut into them, but they tasted so good!       Huge thanks to LaDonna for the inspiration, I know it's been a while since she's come around and I hope she's doing well   :)


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