Grilled Bruschetta with Prosciutto and Mozzarella

(originally made 5/2011)

Apparently we've decided to skip spring here in NH and go right to summer weather.    We went from a week of chilly temps and constant rain to upper 80s and humid.   Have been grilling as much as possible to avoid heating up the house.      I saw this recipe on the Pink Parsley blog  and threw it together for a quick lunch yesterday. 

I'm out of olive oil, so I used softened butter that I mixed with minced garlic.   I suppose that makes mine more of a garlic bread than bruschetta, but either way, it was delicious.     I laid the pieces out on foil to avoid flareups.    I haven't picked up my herb plants yet for the year, so I used Penzey's dried. 

I love the combination of the crispy, salty prosciutto, the garlicky bread and the melty cheese.    This would make an excellent pizza topping, or even on top of grilled eggplant or zucchini slices.

Grilled Bruschetta with Prosciutto and Mozzarella

  Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
--------  ------------  --------------------------------
  6             slices  Tuscan bread or a French Baguette -- sliced 3/4-inch thick (6 to 8)
  1              large  garlic clove -- cut in half
                        olive oil (used softened butter)
  2                oz.  thinly sliced prosciutto -- torn into pieces
  2                oz.  fresh smoked mozzarella -- grated
  3                Tbs  minced fresh herbs - parsley -- basil, oregano, etc (used Penzey's Italian herb mix)
                        freshly ground black pepper

Prepare the grill to medium-high heat.  Clean the grates and brush with oil.

Brush each slice of bread with olive oil.  Grill for 2 minutes, until golden on one side.  Remove from grill and place grilled-side up on a platter. As soon as it's cool enough to handle, rub the grilled side with the cut garlic.  The harder you rub, the more garlicky the bread will be.

Place the torn prosciutto over the grilled side of the bread and top with the shredded mozzarella.  Return to the grill, cover, and cook just until the cheese is melted, 1-2 minutes.

Drizzle with additional olive oil and sprinkle with pepper and herbs.  Serve.

  "adapted from The Barefoot Contessa, How Easy is That?"



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