Lemon Bar Cookie Cups, Chocolate Cherry Thumbprints

(originally made 12/2012)

Good morning everyone!   I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas   :)   I tried some great new recipes this year.   

Christmas Eve we head to my parents, and I'm responsible for bringing dessert.   I make the old standbys, Chocolate chip, Oatmeal Raisin, and Candykisses' Chocolate Caramel Brownie Cups are always a hit.    This year I picked out two new cookies for the tray-   BarbaraBake's Lemon Bar Cookie Cups and RachelCook's Chocolate Cherry Thumbprints.   

I only put 12 of each on there, and my dad had eaten half of the Lemon Bar Cookie Cups before dinner.   Everyone who tried them that night and after Christmas dinner loved them, myself included.   The lemon curd is outstanding, I doubled it and have a nice stash in the freezer to fill some phyllo shells for New Year's Eve.   I have the Pampered Chef mini muffin pans, but I found them to be too small for these.    I ended up dropping the dough directly onto baking sheets with a cookie scoop and using the PC mini tart shaper to make the indents.   These are best filled the day of, by this morning they are getting a little soggy.    This is yet another hit from Barbara's blog, and I can't thank her enough for her generosity in letting us share her recipes and links here  :)  Be sure to go check out her pictures on her site, mine are a bit blurry.

 I love chocolate and cherry together, and our new Super Walmart is carrying the Watkins extracts, so I grabbed the cherry last time I was there.     Per the blog, I used all cherry in the base of the cookie, which upped the cherry flavor.    I rolled them in raw sugar, and used the mini tart shaper for indenting.    The filling I left the extract out of.      I really liked them, and it made a lot.    Just the cookie themselves would be great, rolled and dropped and baked, and you could drop a Hershey's cherry cordial kiss in the indent if you can find them, I had no luck.


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