Tiramisu Cupcakes, Perfect Chocolate Cupcakes, Gingerbread Cupcakes with Cinnamon brown sugar Buttercream

(originally made 12/2012)

I used to make full size desserts for Christmas day, but a few years ago I started doing smaller portions instead.   That way people could mix and match and not feel guilty and when it was time to go, I could easily pack up a variety in those lidded disposable 13x9 pans.    This year I went with a trio of cupcakes.

Tim loves tiramisu, so I knew these were going to be right up his alley, from the YourCupofCake blog.  It starts with a cake mix, and I only had the new downsized ones.   I had no problems with the texture, they rose nicely and I got 12 cupcakes with a little bit leftover to bake in a mini pan for taste testing.   I did not use mascarpone in the filling, I used cream cheese.  I added some kahlua with the strong coffee, poked holes in the cake with a skewer and drizzled it over so it sunk in.    I used a pastry bag with a round holed tip for easy filling.    I also covered the top with grated dark chocolate, Tim likes that better than the cocoa powder.     These were the most requested for the 'to go' boxes yesterday.    I hid one away for myself to try today   :)


For my FIL, who likes chocolate cake and that's about it, I made the Cake Mix Doctor's Perfect Chocolate Cake in cupcake form.     All her recipes start with a boxed cake mix, I went chocolate fudge this time.    Filling was piped in with a pastry bag, and I did not make the from scratch frosting this time, just piped Betty Crocker through a tip and then topped with grated white/chocolate chips over the top.

 These I knew that I was taking a gamble making.   I'm the only fan of gingerbread around here, but the cinnamon sugar butter cream just called to me and I had to give them a try.    They came from the Tidymom blog, and the only change I made was to top them with some candied ginger.   So very good, and I could have eaten all of that buttercream with a spoon, I'll definitely be making that again, maybe for my birthday cake!


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