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Chicken Simon & Garfunkel

Another winning chicken dish recommended by Carol!   She recently made and reviewed this and her pictures reeled me in  :)    Since winter decided to come back yesterday, it was a great time to give it a try.  

I don't know what is going on with chickens these days, but I had 5 chicken breasts and the package weight was 5 1/2lbs.   I trimmed a bit, but pounding and rolling was going to be impossible.   I cut a slit in each, being careful not to butterfly or poke through the bottom.      I'm not a cheese measurer, each one was a little different, but I'd say maybe 1/4c of cheese in each.

Carol took the time to toast her Panko, I'm lazy and didn't.    I also did the herb butter in the microwave.   No poultry seasoning on hand, so I grabbed the components of it and gave each a little shake into the flour mixture.

Since my guys like crispy baked chicken.  I didn't baste.   When the wine was called for, I poured it in the base of the pan instead of over the top.���…