Spur of the moment decision- Corn dogs

I don't fry very often, but the other night I had a craving for corn dogs.    All day long, I tried to talk myself into these, but incredibly hot temperatures made turning on the oven not so desirable.     Since I hadn't planned on frying, I just googled a few recipes, and came up with this one.   

For myself, I used Hebrew National 97% fat free dogs, and Oscar Mayer Beef Franks for the guys.   I followed the recipe as given except I cut back on the chili powder to about 3/4 of a teaspoon.    It all came together quickly, and Jake loved them.    I found them to be a bit gritty and they puffed up to a huge size.    I also did a few jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese, and those turned out gigantic as well.   3 teaspoons (which is a tablespoon) of baking powder seems like a lot...   I'm not sure I'd ever make this particular recipe again, but if I did, I'd definitely play with the ratio of cornmeal and cut back that baking powder amount.


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