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Jack O 'Lantern Cheeseburger Pie

This was Jake's first year not Trick Or Treating, but I still wanted to make him something special.   I spent a week or so browsing Pinterest, and this recipe from Southern Living caught my eye.    Cheesy beef in a pie crust?  I'm in  :)

I swapped the onion for dried onion and jarred garlic instead of fresh.   I also decided to add the mustard in with the beef mixture.  He's not a huge fan and if it was visible he might have balked.    I used a sharp shredded cheddar for my cheese.   Easy, fun and the grownups enjoyed it too! 

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                     Jack O' Lantern Cheeseburger Pie

  Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
--------  ------------  --------------------------------
  1              pound  ground beef
  2T             dried minced Onion
  2t               minced jarred garlic
     3/4      teaspoon  salt
     1/2      teaspoon  pepper
     1/4           cup  ketchup
  1           teaspoon  Worcestershire sauce