Bacon Cheeseburger Pie

There are just some nights when you shouldn't attempt a new recipe.   Last night was one of them, but I stubbornly clung to my planned menu.   .

My first problem- I couldn't find refrigerated hashbrowns, so I bought the frozen ones, a 30oz bag.   I eyeballed 20oz and defrosted them in the microwave.    Next issue- despite having a dozen pie pans, none of them are deep dish.   I went with a Pyrex.    When I put the crust into the oven, a major homework meltdown occurred and I was distracted and forgot to set the timer.   I am guessing that I shorted the time the crust should have baked by about 5 mins based on how long it took to cook through in the end.

In the filling, I used minced dried onion, which is the only way I can get it past the people I live with. A quick count made me realize that I couldn't use the eggs without compromising my Christmas baking, so I omitted them, along with the panko.   I meant to put Penzey's BBQ 3000 in for my 'steak seasoning', but with all the chaos I forgot.    Then there was the cheese.   I thought I'd picked up a 4 cup bag, but it was only a 2 cup.    I decided that it was more important to have the cheesy top,  so that's what I went with.   Oh and the pickles.   I'm the only one that eats them, and I meant to throw a few on my serving, but it just didn't happen.

Since I shorted the time on the crust when it was empty, it took 45 mins to get golden after I'd filled it, and the cheese on top was pretty browned.    What made it to the table was a hit, despite all the changes.   My husband had two helpings and polished off another large chunk as a midnight snack.   My son can be weird about layered foods or foods touching each other, but he ate most of what was on his plate with no complaint. 

I am not going to post my 'version' of the recipe here.   Just go to Melissa's blog.    Check out her beautiful pictures and the recipe  :)


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