Cupid Floats- Perfect for Valentine's Day!

Pinterest is flooded with recipes and crafts for Valentine's Day.   I kept seeing variations of these Cupid Floats, and I thought they would be a fun thing to make with my son.    Very simple- add a scoop or 2 of Edy's Vanilla Bean ice cream to a tall glass.   Pour Cherry 7 up over it, tilting the glass and taking care not to let it foam over everywhere.   I topped ours with some whipped cream and sprinkles.     Thank you so much Stephanie from Somewhat Simple!  Jake loved her idea of using a Twizzler as a straw but I didn't have any on hand. 

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Cupid Floats
Cherry 7Up
Vanilla or Strawberry Ice Cream
Whipped Cream
Sprinkles or cherry

Scoop ice cream into glasses.  Add soda.  Top with whipped cream, decorate with sprinkles or a cherry.

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    **This post has been updated in January 2019 with new photos and a printable recipe card.


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