Graham Cracker Fried Chicken

Yesterday I was craving crunchy fried chicken and remembered this recipe that I'd pinned awhile back from Dessert for Two.    I had some graham crackers leftover from our last S'mores of the season, and what a great way to use them up and clear some pantry space.    No changes to the recipe at all except to double it, because I had 2lbs of chicken tenders.     The smoked paprika was nice, especially with Jake, but I might amp it up and replace some of it with Chili Powder next time.

For me, the idea temp and time for the chicken I had on hand was right around 300º for 5 mins, flipping them about halfway through.   I tested them with a probe thermometer and then let them rest on a paper towel lined plate.

We had ours with honey, but they would be awesome with real maple syrup as well.    Thank you Christina for sharing this recipe!    I was fighting the loss of light as the sun went down as well as loss of willpower because I just wanted to eat so the picture is just a quick snap.   Go check out hers!


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                       Graham Cracker Fried Chicken

  2               cups  fry oil (I used canola oil)
 10                    graham cracker sheets
  2           teaspoon  smoked paprika
     1     teaspoon  garlic powder
     1    teaspoon  salt
  2                     egg
  2              pounds  chicken tenders
                        honey -- for drizzling

Over medium heat, bring oil to 300º.    

Pulverize graham crackers in a food processor or put them in a zip top bag and let your kid go to town with a rolling pin.    Combine paprika, garlic powder and salt and add it to the crumbs in a cake pan.   In another cake pan, whisk eggs well. 

Standard breading procedure- Dip chicken in egg, letting any excess drip back into the cake pan, and then into the crumbs, pressing them onto all sides for a good coating.    I moved mine to a cooling rack over a half sheet pan until they were all coated.

Fry two to three at a time, adjusting the heat level as needed to keep the oil at temperature.   Fry about 5 minutes, flipping halfway through.   Test to make sure they are done but cutting into deepest part or using a probe thermometer.    Move to a paper towel lined platter or keep warm in the oven.   Serve with a drizzle of honey or maple syrup.



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