Honey Rosemary Chicken

Back in November I had to have a minor surgery, but one that would limit me in the kitchen for a while.   I put together some meals ahead of time, including this Honey Rosemary Chicken, and froze them.   I recovered much quicker than expected, and this meal just kept getting moved around the freezer because my son does not like anything saucy or out of the crockpot.

Yesterday I pulled it from the freezer and defrosted it, wondering how I could make it acceptable for him to eat.    I thought about breading and baking it, or maybe pan frying it.   I put a shout out on Facebook for ideas, and the awesome Jill suggested using an indoor grill.    My love for my new Cuisinart Griddler has been well documented since Christmas, but I hadn't really used the grill function of it yet.

I set it to high, and waited for it to preheat.  I used tongs to move the pieces quickly to the surface and closed down the lid.   Since the chicken was in bite size pieces, it cooked very fast, maybe 2 1/2 minutes.    I moved them to a platter, and then repeated with the remaining chicken.

The result was a caramelized, moist chicken that my son ate TWO helpings of.   I had mine over rice and it was delicious.    I will definitely make this again!  Thank you so much to Ashley for sharing the recipe  :)

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                          honey rosemary chicken

2 lbs chicken breast tenderloins -- cut into bite size pieces
     1/3           cup  balsamic vinegar
     1/3           cup  honey
     1/3           cup  olive oil
1 1/2T dried  rosemary
  1                tsp  salt

To prep:
Combine all ingredients in a zip top bag.   Label and freeze.

To cook
Defrost and place contents in slowcooker and cook for 4 to 6 hours on low


Defrost chicken in refrigerator. 
Heat indoor grill to high.   Remove chicken from bag and place on hot grill and close lid.   Cook approximately 2 to 3 minutes, testing to make sure that chicken is at least 160ยบ.    Repeat until all chicken is cooked.    Serve over rice if desired.



  1. This looks fabulous! Now I have to go check out the griddle!

  2. Thank you Susie! I can't rave about the Cuisinart enough. I've made so many paninis since Christmas, and it was awesome for bacon too :)


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