BBQ Bacon Burgers

Burgers and hot dogs are every day staples here in the summer.   Always looking for ways to make them tastier, something different!   I saw this recipe on the Six Sisters' blog, and followed it back to the Taste of Home website.   

Just a few changes on this one- none of us eat mayo, so I swapped it out for sour cream. In a total bonehead move, I cooked the bacon, set it aside to cool and completely forgot to mix it into the rest of the ingredients.   I served it on top.   I used thin cheddar slices on mine, the guys like American cheese on theirs.  

This was the best homemade burger I've had in a long time.   The patties grilled up juicy and delicious.   The sour cream/barbecue sauce topping was perfect.    My husband wolfed down two in record time and said that he hoped this will make the regular rotation.   It definitely will!   Thanks to Joan S for sharing this amazing recipe! Excuse the terrible pictures, this was one I was most definitely more interested in eating than photographing.    :)

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                         BBQ Bacon Burgers

     1/4           cup  sour cream
     1/4           cup  barbecue sauce (used Sweet Baby Ray's)
  1 1/2      teaspoons  dried minced onion
  1 1/2      teaspoons  steak seasoning (used Penzey's Northwoods Seasoning)
  1              pound  ground beef
 sliced cheese  (used American for 3 burgers, thin slices of cheddar for 1)
  4                     hamburger buns -- split, buttered and toasted
  4                     bacon strips -- cooked
                        Lettuce, tomato and sliced red onion

Heat grill to high, then turn down to medium, spraying the surface with nonstick spray or rubbing it down with olive oil.

In a small bowl, combine sour cream and barbecue sauce.  Remove 2 tablespoons of the mixture to another bowl, add the dried onion and Northwoods.   Add beef and mix lightly until combined.   Form into 4 patties (I use a square burger press).

Grill the burgers with the cover down for about 5 to 7 mins per side.  Top with cheese.  Cook 1 to 2 minutes more until the cheese is melted.  While the cheese is melting, lay the buttered buns on some foil to toast.   Assemble burger- spread each bun with some of the sour cream mixture. Add lettuce, sliced onion and tomato to the top half.   On the bottom place the burger and top with the bacon.   Devour, then cry because it's gone  :)

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  1. This sounds delicious! I love sour cream but we are actually a mayo family so we might have to try it both ways ;) Thanks for linking up your recipe on the National Hamburger Day Blog Party!

    1. I still need to try this recipe! Thanks for reminding me by sharing it on the Father's Day Favorites Blog Party!


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