Boston Terriers

It's only a few weeks into vacation and my family is already tired of "summer" foods.    I love the ease of tossing a few burgers or hot dogs on the grill, so I have to find ways to make them more interesting.     Since the challenge ingredient on Taste of Home Cook's Corner is beans this week, I thought I'd give these Boston Terriers a try.   

I used a can of navy beans that I drained and rinsed well.    I chopped up my bacon too much, next time I would leave it in bigger pieces, it pretty much disappeared in the final product.    Overall, this was a nice, easy from scratch-ish BBQ baked bean.      :)

Boston Terriers

1 onion, diced (I used a Vidalia)
1/4lb bacon, chopped
1c white beans (I used canned Navy, drained and rinsed)
1/2c ketchup
1/2c water
1T brown sugar
1T mustard
1T apple cider vinegar
Hot dogs (we prefer all beef, Ball park or Oscar Meyer)
New England Style Rolls, buttered and toasted to golden brown

Saute bacon and onion together until the bacon is brown and the onion is translucent.   Add beans, ketchup, water, mustard, brown sugar and vinegar.     Add hot dogs and simmer until mixture becomes thick.     Place hot dog into toasted roll, and top with the bean mixture.



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