Cheeseburger Gnocchi

I'd slid into a little bit of a cooking slump the last few weeks, relying heavily on T&T recipes.    I planned the menu on Sunday for this week, and penciled in ground beef for Tuesday night.   The go-to recipes for that would be either tacos or Beef Stroganoff Sandwiches and neither sounded good to me.    Clicking through my Beef Pinterest board brought up this recipe from Kevin & Amanda. 

I had to make a few adjustments due to my family's food quirks- minced dried onion instead of fresh, jarred garlic.  I omitted the cumin.   Tomatoes are a no go, I went with tomato paste.   Mexican blend cheese because I had it on hand.  Doubled the meat, and also added crumbled bacon to half at the end.   Parsley for garnish. 

My husband had 2 helpings and I thought it was great.  I knew it would be a tough sell for my son, he ate his portion but said he'd rather not have it again.   That's ok, it's a perfect date day meal. 

The last thing- it's November, and we've "fallen back".  That means it's dark by time dinner is on the table, and even with my new fantastic camera- energy efficient bulbs continue to be my nemesis.   Please go to the blog and check out their pics  :)  Thank you so much to Kevin and Amanda for sharing the recipe!

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                           Cheeseburger Gnocchi

  Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
--------  ------------  --------------------------------
  1         tablespoon  butter
  1            package  potato gnocchi -- (16 oz)- I used frozen, which I defrosted
     1           lb  lean ground beef
  1           teaspoon  salt
  1           teaspoon  pepper
     1/2      teaspoon  smoked paprika
  1           teaspoon  mustard powder
3T minced dried onion
  1t minced jarred garlic
3T tomato paste
  1                cup  beef broth
     1/4           cup  heavy cream
  1                cup  shredded Mexican blend cheese
Real Bacon crumbles
Dried parsley for garnish

Over medium high heat, melt the butter in an ovenproof skillet.   Brown the defrosted gnocchi in the butter until nice and golden.   Set gnocchi aside on a plate.

Brown ground beef and minced dried onion over medium high heat, breaking it up to small crumbles.   Drain if necessary.    Sprinkle with salt, pepper, paprika and mustard powder.   Add in garlic, tomato paste, broth and gnocchi and stir well.     Bring the mixture up to a boil, cover and then simmer on medium low.   Remove from heat when the gnocchi is tender and most of the liquid has been absorbed, about 5 to 7 minutes.

Remove from heat, and stir in the cream and half the cheese.   Add the remaining cheese to the top.   Pop the skillet under the broiler for about 3 or 4 minutes or until the cheese is bubbly and brown.    Sprinkle with bacon crumbles and parsley.

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