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Pomegranate Glazed Green Beans

I've never had pomegranate before, so I was excited about this week's Cook's Corner ingredient challenge.    I scored at the grocery store and found a little bottle of Pom juice and a little cup of the seeds.   The juice I used for the following recipe, the seeds I'm looking forward to trying over the next few days.

Green beans are a standard side here, and while Jake likes them with just butter and honey, I've been hoping for something different.  I searched through Taste of Home's database and came up with this recipe.     Two small changes- I used steam-in-bag green beans and changed the onion powder to some dried shallots.     Very easy, very delicious, but the acidic components of the sauce discolored my green beans.  Combined with having to photograph after sunset under energy efficient bulbs, it made for an unattactive dish.      I would probably make it again, reserve the sauce and only drizzle it on after I plate up the servings of beans.      Tha…

Lemon Rice

This week's Cook's Corner Challenge ingredient is- Rice!!  I really have come a long way when it comes to rice.   There was a time that I couldn't make it from scratch at all.   I conquered long grain rice by making an arancini recipe.   Some of the others still elude me, and I'm a big fan of the 90 second microwave rice pouches.    :)  

For this, I used Carolina long grain white rice.     I made zero changes to the recipe.    Rice can be touch and go with Jake, but this, he ate two helpings.  So did Tim.  It went so quickly, I didn't have time to take pictures.    Definitely going into the regular menu rotation, and I'm also going to try it with orange juice/zest and the Taste of Home Great Flavors Orange Pineapple Pepper.

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                                Lemon Rice

  Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
--------  ------------  --------------------------------
  1                cup  water
  1            …

Sausage Lasagna Rolls- First challenge of the new year!

Confession- there was very little cooking going on in my kitchen between December 24th and today.   We ate out a lot in that time period, sometimes due to necessity, sometimes due to tradition, and sometimes for celebration.   I was happy to see a new challenge be issued on the Taste of Home Cook's Corner community, I needed a reason to crack open the recipes files and find something new.   Even happier to see that it was a pantry clean out challenge.   I've been pushing around a half a box of lasagna noodles in the cabinet, and a half full jar of sauce in the fridge.  I found this recipe for Sausage Lasagna Rolls, and bonus!  I could use up an almost-past-its-prime lemon too.

I used the dried versions of all the herbs, and omitted the salt.   Confession #2- I didn't measure the cheese.  Life is too short to measure cheese.  The ricotta comes in a container, so I know that was 15oz.   The mozz and parm, I just eyeballed, more than likely a little more than generously.   S…