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Pantry clean out challenge- Quick Sandwich Cookies

I need a 12 step program for cake mixes!   Currently I have far too many taking up real estate in my cabinet and freezer.  Technically, the Pantry Challenge ended yesterday, but today was a snow day and I had time to bake.    I split the recipe down the middle, making half with a strawberry cake mix and half with a Devil's Food Cake mix.

I halved the filling recipe also, filling half with that, and half with some canned chocolate frosting.    My cake mixes were 15.25 oz and I got 1 dozen total sandwiches of each flavor.  The chocolate/chocolate combo were the first to go, and my personal favorite.   :)   They'd be super cute for Valentine's day with a Red Velvet Cake mix.  

With ImageWithout Image Quick Sandwich CookiesAuthor: Jolene's Recipe Journal Ingredients:2 packages devil's food cake mix (used 1 15.25oz Strawberry and 1 15.25oz Devil's Food)1 cup canola oil4 eggsFILLING:1 package cream cheese -- (8 ounces) softened1/4 cup butter -- softened2 1/2 cu…