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Twist on an old favorite- Key Lime Cupcakes

One of my favorite things growing up was my Gram O's Lemon Cupcakes.   It was the first recipe I posted when I started up this blog.   Now there are so many new cake mix flavors and pie fillings, the possibilities are endless.    I have a embarrassingly large collection.    For this particular version, I used Key Lime Cake mix and canned Key Lime Pie Filling.   Super easy and they disappeared quickly.

Key Lime Cupcakes

1 package Key Lime cake mix -- plus ingredients to make cake
1 can Key Lime pie filling- you can make from scratch or use boxed.
powdered sugar -- for dusting

Prepare cake mix according to directions.  Spray muffin tin with non-stick spray.   Fill 12 lined muffin cups.  Bake according to package time. Allow cupcakes to cool completely.   Using knife held at a 45 degree angle, cut cone shape out of top of each cupcake (like making a lid on a jack o lantern).  Trim the point off the cone shape.  Spoon pie filling into each hole, replace lid. Dust with powdered su…

Southern Fried Chicken Strips

Sometimes I defrost something with a specific meal in mind, and then the weather completely makes me crave something else.   We had a nice sunny warm stretch of weather here in New Hampshire over the weekend.   It was easy to ignore my menu plan of a heavy, creamy chicken and pasta dish for some crispy, golden brown fried chicken.

I chose this recipe, and made very minor changes- first, I used Penzey's Roasted Garlic instead of regular garlic powder.   Second, I held the salt out of the flour mixture, I prefer to salt fried foods as they come out of the oil instead.   I also omitted the parmesan cheese, it didn't need it.

I don't fry often, so I'm always glad when the recipe turns out to be worth it.  Using tenderloins made for a quick fry, and the crunchy outside stayed put when you cut them with a fork.    There was just the right amount of seasoning for the guys, though I admit I'd have like to have swapped out the paprika for some cayenne pepper.   I like spic…

Ravioli Lasagna

It's been a crazy few months around here, and I've spent a lot of my (limited) free time looking for recipes that come together quickly and you can get multiple meals out of.   I had some ravioli in my fridge that had been there a while.  I'd managed to buy spaghetti sauce 3 weeks in a row, so my pantry was overflowing with it.   Perfect time for a Pantry challenge. 
I made this recipe a little more work for myself by boiling the ravioli first.   My son is on a red sauce strike at the moment, so I knew that I'd need already cooked ravioli for his meal.    I swapped the ground beef for ground sweet Italian sausage.    To the jarred sauce, I added a pinch of brown sugar and 2T of Italian seasoning.   I reduced the baking time to 20 minutes, and served it with Texas Toast.

This would be a great recipe to double and freeze one for later.   I didn't get photos.  The ones on the site show the ravioli mostly exposed, and I personally made sure mine was all …