Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

While tidying up some of my kitchen equipment, I ran across my Pampered Chef Ice Cream Sandwich maker.    Since it was National Ice Cream day, I thought I'd whip together a fast, fun treat.   I polled the guys on whether they wanted cookies or brownies, and the winner was Chocolate Chip Cookies.    This time I cheated and used bagged Betty Crocker mix, but you definitely could use your favorite from-scratch recipe.   I mixed the cookies as directed, and portioned them out with a cookie scoop.    This ensured nice, consistent rounds that fit perfectly in the ice cream sandwich maker. 

Once the cookies were cooled, I softened some vanilla ice cream in the microwave.   I layered in the first cookie, about 1/4c of ice cream and then topped it with the second cookie.  I flipped it over onto a cutting board, pressed the sandwich out and then quickly wrapped it in plastic wrap.   I popped the finished sandwiches into the freezer to reharden the ice cream for about 20 minutes.   

I wish I’d had some sprinkles or mini chocolate chips to roll the cookie in before I refroze it, that would have made them even more fun.  Next time!     The possibilities are endless- different flavors of brownies, cake, cookies, plus whatever ice cream flavor you desire.      

*This is not a sponsored post, and it doesn't look like PC offers the Ice Cream Sandwich Maker any longer.   They are available on ebay as well as 


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