Cinnamon Apple Twinkies

My son is a teenager now, big into video games and snapchatting his friends.  When he shows any interest in cooking, I jump at the chance to spend some quality time with him.   He's been earning tickets at the arcade, with his eye on a Hostess Twinkie Maker. Over the weekend he came home with his prize, and was so excited to try it out.

I had other things going on in the kitchen, so we decided to start simple with a Pillsbury Cinnamon Bun cake mix.   He mixed it as the package directed while the Twinkie maker preheated.   He gave it a quick mist of cooking spray, and filled the wells 3/4 full using a cookie scoop.   They baked in about 6 1/2 minutes, and we got about 24.

I let him hunt through the cabinets for what to put inside, and he came up with a can of apple pie filling.    We pureed it in the food processor and used the tube filler that's included with the kit.  He flipped them so the bottom was up and filled them in 3 spots just like "real" Twinkies. They looked a little "plain", so I suggested drizzling them with some caramel ice cream topping.

The result?  Taste great, fun to make, the appliance itself is easy to clean up.  You could use a muffin tin, or the super mini loaf pans and bake them in the oven.   He's been jotting more ideas for flavors in a notebook, and can't wait to get back into the kitchen and make them.

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  1. How fun! It is fun to experiment in the kitchen and it looks like he hit on a winner!

    1. For a kid who's a pretty picky eater, he's come up with some great flavor ideas :)


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