Brussels Sprouts Cake Pops for April Fools Day

My son and I really enjoy pulling April Fools pranks on each other.  He's getting older and harder to pull one over on now, but I didn't want to give up the tradition. They almost always have something to do with food, and this year's idea was something I saw on Pinterest.

I placed a half dozen brussels sprouts on lollipop sticks.

I melted 1 cup of semi sweet chocolate chips with a teaspoon of vegetable oil. I coated the brussels with the chocolate, and then I rolled them in some holiday sprinkles.  I laid them on some parchment and put them in the fridge to set up. 

I almost didn't get pics, because I assumed he'd put one on a plate and sit to eat it.  Nope. He just grabbed one and took a huge bite. 

He's a really good sport :)


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