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Baked Apple Donuts with Caramel Glaze

This post is sponsored in conjunction with #AppleWeek . I received complimentary product from sponsor companies to aid in the creation of my #AppleWeek recipes. All opinions are mine alone.

Welcome to Apple Week 2019! This is my fourth year participating in this event, and it's one of my absolute favorites.  I'm kicking it off with these Baked Apple Donuts with Caramel Glaze! I love making baked donuts because it's so much easier than the fried kind.

I wanted to distribute the apple flavor through the donut, so rather than dicing it up I peeled it and then used a box grater.   Once your batter comes together you can either try to spoon it into the wells of the donut pan or use a ziptop or pastry bag to squeeze it in. 

Donut pans are more widely available now, I included links to my favorites down in the recipe card. I personally make 6 full size donuts and then do the rest as minis.  We enjoy the large ones for breakfast or dessert and the smaller ones get bagged up and g…

Back to School Recipe Round Up!

September means that back to school time is in full swing! So, for those of you with children or who work in the education field, quick breakfasts, make-ahead dishes, lunchbox ideas, and easy weeknight dinners are all especially important. This month our group of food bloggers is sharing recipes for back to school time! Back to school varies a lot throughout the country, but once September comes it seems to be that everyone is headed back. We hope you find some recipe inspiration here as you plan out your meal ideas for the month. Don't forget to check back on the last day of each month to see the monthly recipe round-up!

I don't know about you, but I'm not quite ready for summer to be over. The daylight is already getting noticeably shorter, our tomatoes are all ripening, and we've had some cooler breezes in the air recently. Even though I'm not going back to school, I can sense the seasonal change on the horizon.

Sausage, Egg, & Cheese Breakfast B…

Blueberry Turnovers

Even though it was a tough spring, my blueberry bushes still managed to put out a nice quantity of berries.  I made some of our old favorites, and have tried a few new recipes as well.  Something that always goes over well here are turnovers or hand pies.  Who doesn't love pie you can take with you?

I chose a recipe from Taste of Home that used puff pastry this time around.  It calls for cooking down some of the berries with sugar, cornstarch, and some lemon zest.  This keeps the filling from becoming too runny and your turnovers from being a soggy mess. To divide the puff pastry into squares, I like to use a pizza cutter.  It glides through it very smoothly. 

I packed mine completely full before crimping them closed, and it lead to a little bit of the filling leaking out, but that's fine with me! Instead of the glaze I used the egg wash and sprinkled the tops with sugar before baking.  Huge thanks to the Taste of Home Test Kitchen!  Next up I'll be making them with some …

Arribbiata with Zucchini Noodles

I'm wrapping up #FarmersMarketWeek with a new spin on one of my favorite dishes, arribbiata. The word means angry in Italian, but I promise you won't be mad at this dish!  The recipe comes from one of my awesome fellow Taste of Home Volunteer Field Editors, Courtney Stultz. 

I did make one change to her recipe.  Since it's tomato season here, I didn't use the canned tomatoes as called for.  For yesterday's recipe, Smoky Grilled Corn Salsa, I had to grill up tomatoes, so I just did a bunch of extra to use in this.  I loved the extra flavor that bit of char gave them.

This recipe also gave me an excuse to break the spiralizer out of the box that my guys gave me for Christmas two years ago.  I kept saying I was going to get to making something with it, and somehow never did.  Now I just want to spiralize everything, it's so much fun! 

I'm just going to put this out there- zucchini is not pasta.  It's not going to have the same texture as pasta, or taste like…