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Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

July is #NationalIceCreamMonth so what a great reason to break out my Kitchen Aid ice cream attachment and whip up a batch! It's also blueberry season here in New England, so I was excited to find Melissa's recipe for Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream on the Taste of Home Website. The reviews were saying that the graham topping could be halved but I did the full recipe. I also made double the blueberry mixture with the intention of using some of it later on pancakes.   When I layered my ice cream in the containers, I put a layer of the graham crumble and some more dollops of blueberry on the bottom, then did 3 more layers.  Who doesn't love more mix-ins? I scooped longways across the top of the container.  I like a fixed scoop for ice cream rather than one with a sweeper.   Look at that beautiful swirl of berry and graham cracker crumble!   Thank you so much to Radha for hosting and to all of the other #FestiveFoodies for sharing their recipes today.  Be sure to check them o

Garden Focaccia

I've come a long way in overcoming my fear of yeast baking, and I was actually excited to see this month's Taste of Home Bakeable challenge was a savory bread.  I've been hitting the farm pretty much weekly and had some great veggies and herbs on hand.  I used my KA mixer for the dough and then popped it into the oven on the proof cycle. I pressed the dough down into the pan as directed, making dimples to catch the oil and then added my decorations.   I used bell peppers, hot peppers, red onion, grape tomatoes, chives, sage, garlic scapes and thyme.     I popped it back in the oven on the proof cycle for 30 mins.  I had to press a few of the herbs back down slightly.  I brushed the top with a little bit more oil and then sprinkled it lightly with kosher salt.  My focaccia baked in 23 mins on convection. I did lose a few of the smaller chives, next time I'll be sure to stick to larger ones. I sliced the peppers and onions super thin, about 1/4", so they softened an

Firecracker Floats

When my son was younger, I was always looking for fun treats to make for holidays and occasions.  Back in 2011 I made Firecracker Floats from Taste of Home.  My photography skills were not great and I also had an excited little boy dancing around waiting for his treat.   For years I've wanted to remake them but I actually had a hard time getting the Pop Rocks.  While we were picking up the balloons to celebrate his high school graduation my husband spotted some at the checkout counter of the party store.  Super simple, you just layer scoops of ice cream in a glass alternating with the Pop Rocks, I used the Cotton Candy variety. Slowly pour in the soda.  The candy crackles and fizzes and as the soda mixes with the ice cream and candy it creates beautiful swirls of color.  Thank you so much to the Taste of Home Kitchen for this super fun and festive recipe!   Print With Image Without Image Firecracker Floats Ingredients 6 scoops vanilla ice cream 2 envelopes Pop Rocks - I used Cott

S'mores Muffins #MuffinMonday

Happy to be joining the #MuffinMonday bakers this month with a muffin version of one of my favorite summer desserts, S'mores! I found Pam I's recipe on the Taste of Home site done in jumbo size, but I made 12 regular muffins instead of jumbo ones.  I made absolutely no changes to the recipe other than to have added a few extra chocolate chips on top when I put the marshmallows on there. They baked in 15 mins exactly on convection bake, and I love how the marshmallows got golden without having to break out the kitchen torch!  The marshmallow inside kind of disappears, you get the Graham cracker flavor and the chocolate, and then the toasty part on top, it's so fantastic.  All the flavors of s'mores without the campfire! Thanks so much to Stacy for hosting #MuffinMonday and to all the other awesome bloggers who shared recipes today, be sure to go check out what they made using the links down below.   S'mores Muffins Print With Image Without Image Author: Jol

Red, White & Blue Summer Salad

  Can you believe it's almost July already? I sure can't!  Today I'll be sharing my version of a dish that will be the hit of your Independence Day get together, Red, White & Blue Summer Salad.  I found this recipe on Taste of Home and put a few spins on it to account for personal taste and items I had on hand.    I omitted the mint that was called for in the dressing because I'm not really a fan.  I had regular balsamic on hand so that's what I used.  Swapped out the cherry tomatoes for grape tomatoes and used baby spinach instead of arugula. I prefer nectarines over peaches. I wasn't able to get mozzarella pearls in my pickup so I cut up a ball of fresh mozzarella into bite sized chunks instead.    The tomatoes almost didn't make it onto the salad because they were delicious alone and I kept snacking on them while I set up the photos. You could also toss the mozzarella pearls in with them so they absorb more of the delicious dressing. Thank you so muc

Ginger Buttermilk Biscuits

Biscuits are one of the things I'm still working to master and I'd pinned this Ginger Buttermilk Biscuit recipe a while back. When the Taste of Home monthly Bakeable Challenge was announced as strawberry shortcake I decided to give them a go. One of my biggest struggles with biscuits is the cutting in of the shortening. Normally I'd use a food processor, but mine went to appliance heaven and I haven't replaced it yet. I used a pastry blender but didn't get the texture I was looking for so I switched to using my hands until I did.    I hate cleaning up flour off the countertop so I turned my dough out onto a pastry mat.  I was very happy with how easily it came together and how well it rolled out.  I got 16 biscuits with a 2 1/4" cutter. I've got a stackable set that I love and for these I used the straight edge. Look at all those chunks of crystallized ginger! I've always got it on hand because I like to snack on it. If you can't find it locally it