Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Stuffing waffles!

We've really enjoyed the Rosemary Orange Roasted Turkey I made earlier this week.   We ate it the traditional way.    I had it as Thanksgiving in a sandwich (toasted buttered bread, spread with cranberry sauce, layered with stuffing and turkey).    Today I was looking for a different way to serve the last of it up.

Stuffing waffles.   I've seen them on Pinterest as a way to use up leftover stuffing.  My family likes Stove Top, turkey flavor.    I use chicken stock instead of the water and 3/4 of a stick of butter.  

For the waffles, I prepared the stuffing, let it stand the 5 minutes.   I preheated my Presto Flipside belgian waffle iron.    I fluffed the stuffing with a fork and added a beaten egg.    I sprayed the waffle iron with non stick cooking spray, and then added half of the stuffing.   It cooked crispy in approximately 8 mins.  Repeat with the remaining stuffing.

Top with sliced turkey, cranberry sauce and gravy (if desired).  

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